picture of Daphne Earp Daphne Earp ‘10

Daphne is an Operations Research and Financial Engineering major from the Washington, DC area where she attended the National Cathedral School for Girls. On campus, she is involved with Business Today and is a member of the Tiger Inn Club. In her spare time, she tutors high school students in math. Daphne can be contacted at dearp@princeton.edu.

picture of Matthew Westmoreland Matthew Westmoreland ‘10

Matt is a History major from Atlanta, Georgia. He is editor-in-chief of The Daily Princetonian and served as president of the University Chapel Choir and as a co-captain of Princeton Mock Trial. Matt can be contacted at mwestmor@princeton.edu.

picture of Caroline Boulos
Caroline Boulos ’11

Caroline is a Woodrow Wilson School major from Ottawa, Canada. On campus, she is a Residential College Adviser (RCA) in Mathey College, and a member of Ivy Club. In her spare time, Caroline acts in L’Avant-Scène, Princeton’s French Theatre troupe, and sings with the university Chapel Choir. Caroline can be contacted at cboulos@princeton.edu.

picture of Connor Reilly
Connor Reilly ’12

Connor is a proud member of Rockefeller College. He serves as Treasurer of PVOTES, Princeton’s voter registration and education organization. Connor also competes on the Varsity Lacrosse and Club Squash teams, while making occasional appearances at Club Sailing meetings. His academic interests are varied, but he is considering concentrating in Philosophy. Before coming to Princeton, Connor attended the Landon School outside of Washington, D.C. He can be contacted at cpreilly@princeton.edu.

picture of Charlie
Charlie Metzger ’12

Charlie is a member of Butler College. He plans on majoring in a Social Science with a certificate in Latin American Studies. On campus, he's in the Triangle Club and PEF, is the Speaker of the Whig Party in Whig-Clio, writes for the Daily Princetonian, is on the Debate Panel, and edits for American Foreign Policy Magazine. A Palm Beach, Florida native, Charlie graduated from Suncoast High School's MSE and International Baccalaureate Programs in 2008. He can be contacted at cmetzger@princeton.edu.

picture of Emily
Emily Myerson ’12

Emily is considering majoring in politics, but is still undecided. She is a an Orange Key tour guide, a tutor at Young Scholars Istitute in Trenton and is an Undergraduate Associate of the Program in Law and Public Affairs. Emily is originally from Westport, Connecticut and graduated from The Hotchkiss School in 2008. Emily can be contacted at emyerson@princeton.edu.

picture of Katherine
Katherine Huang ’13

Katherine is a member of Rockefeller College who hopes to major in a social science, but is as of yet undecided. On campus, she is involved with Community House, the Daily Princetonian, International Consortium, and Triangle. Originally from Hong Kong, Katherine she graduated from Hong Kong International School in 2009. She can be contacted at kyh@princeton.edu.

picture of Samson
Samson Schatz ’13

Samson is a proud member of Wilson College hailing originally from Los Angeles, California where he attended Milken Community High School. He is a member of the all male a cappella group, the Princeton Footnotes and he is a member of Tigers for Israel. Samson is also a participant on the Alcohol Coalition Committee and can be contacted at sschatz@princeton.edu.


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